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93-year-old journalist, filmmaker and "High Priestess of Plastic Surgery" Joan Kron has spent her career pioneering the beauty beat. Now, in Weapon of Beauty, Joan investigates the cloak-and-dagger history of Botox, the world's most popular cosmetic treatment — derived from the deadliest natural poison known to man (botulinum toxin).

Joan knows she can’t tell this story alone. So she’s bringing the toxin to life in the form of an animated sidekick, Ms. Bot —  voiced by none other than iconic character actress (and beloved curmudgeon) Jackie Hoffman. With unprecedented access to bioscience labs, military facilities, doctors, first adopters and Botox-lovers around the globe, Joan and Ms. Bot will reveal the unredacted story of how botulinum toxin went from a weapon of war to a weapon of beauty, and what that means for all of us.

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