America In Primetime

The new Golden Age of television is now. In the expansive world of modern television, more groundbreaking shows are being created today than ever before. America in Primetime is a 4-part television series that showcases this iconic American art form with in-depth interviews with the creators, writers and actors who give life to characters we have come to know, love, and live with. America in Primetime is a collaboration with the com­munity that creates primetime television, and presents an extraordinary opportunity to experience the creative process from the inside out. The series originally aired on PBS in 2011, and was updated with compelling new shows that have most recently shaped pop culture and television history, and is now airing on MSNBC.  


Each episode focuses on one character archetype that has remained a staple of primetime through the generations – the Misfit, the Crusader, the Independent Woman, and the Man of the House– capturing both the continuity of the character, and the evolution. 


THE MISFIT: Whether they are oddballs, losers or just plain weird, misfits have grown beyond comic stereotypes and are taking center stage with a vengeance, refusing to apologize for who they are.

THE CRUSADER: Heroes today are complex. Their stories are told with increasing humanity, depicting characters who confront almost impossible choices as they fight evil in a world where the line between right and wrong is often blurred.


THE INDEPENDENT WOMAN: Far removed from the model housewife of yesterday, women today on TV care less about pleasing others and more about being true to themselves.


THE MAN OF THE HOUSE: In 1950s television, the man of the house was king of his castle, but then he began losing control. Was it all an illusion to begin with?