Peter Jennings Town Meetings (ABC News Series)

Produced and directed by members of TDG while at ABC News. Answering Children’s Questions

09/11/2002 A year after the events of September 11th, Peter Jennings again moderates a “town meeting” exploring the aftermath of that shattering day. He brings together children, parents, teachers and experts to ask and answer questions.

Answering Children’s Questions 09/15/2001 September 11th explores questions that children have and how parents, teachers and other adults might help them better understand what has happened and what lies ahead.

Kids, Parents and Straight Talk on Drugs 03/30/1997 What is the worst thing or the best thing a parent can say to a kid when trying to have a real conversation about drugs? Peter Jennings hosts a special forum for parents and kids to talk about this important subject. “Our job is to make it crystal clear to parents what they and their kids are facing,” Jennings says, “And there is no one better to tell parents the cold, unvarnished truth than the kids themselves.” The studio audience includes teenagers, teachers, parents, and experts on drug addiction and its consequences.

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