Peter Jennings Reporting (ABC News Series) — 2000-2005

Produced and directed by members of TDG while at ABC News.

Breakdown: America’s Health Insurance Crisis 12/15/2005 In his last documentary for ABC News, Peter Jennings reports on how this country’s broken health insurance system is threatening America’s families, businesses, and health.

No Place to Hide 01/20/2005 “No Place to Hide” looks at cutting-edge surveillance technologies, and examines the challenge of balancing security and freedom in the digital age.

From the Tobacco File: Untold Stories of Betrayal and Neglect

09/08/2004 Tobacco is still the number one killer in our nation. But as Peter Jennings reveals in this examination of the “tobacco wars,” the responsibility lies not only with tobacco companies but also with the government and prominent public health advocates who squandered an historic opportunity to settle with the industry, regulate tobacco, and save millions of lives.

Guantanamo 06/25/2004 In this primetime investigative documentary, Peter Jennings reports on one of the most controversial features of America’s war on terror – the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

LAPD 06/01/2004 What happens when the nation’s most famous police officer takes over the nation’s most infamous police department? The result is a complex tale about the struggle for power—involving the top brass, the rank and file cops, and the gang members who plague the streets of Los Angeles.

Jesus and Paul: The Word and the Witness 04/05/2004 This three-hour documentary examines how a tiny, marginal Jewish sect survived the crucifixion and spread across the Mediterranean to become the religion we know today as Christianity. The program seeks to shed light on the genesis of ideas that continue to inform and, in some cases, haunt the way we think and live in 21st Century America.

Ecstasy Rising 04/01/2004 Peter Jennings tells the definitive story of how an obscure compound, discovered in 1912 and all but forgotten for over 60 years, became the drug of choice for a generation.

How to Get Fat Without Really Trying 12/08/2003 While much of the public debate about obesity has focused on personal responsibility, this program reveals how federal government agricultural policies and food industry practices are contributing to America’s growing obesity epidemic.

The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy 11/20/2003 Forty years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, more than 80% of Americans still believe there was a conspiracy to kill the President and that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. This documentary attempts to separate fact from conspiracy theories to get to the truth, employing stunning forensic technology that makes it possible for the first time to see what happened that November day in Dallas.

I Have a Dream 08/28/2003 Through the voices of Martin Luther King Jr. and the people who surrounded him – Andrew Young, Harry Belafonte, Dorothy Cotton, John Lewis and many others – this program tells the story behind what many consider the most important American speech of the 20th Century.

Bitter Medicine: Pills, Profit and the Public Health 05/29/2002 Amid the debate on the ever-rising price of prescription drugs, Peter Jennings asks just how valuable are all the new, expensive drugs coming on the market. Jennings finds that often new and expensive drugs are no better — and sometimes worse — than the drugs they replace.

Minefield: The United States and the Muslim World 10/11/2001 With a large map as a backdrop, Peter Jennings takes viewers on a ‘tour’ of the political, religious and strategic minefields of the Islamic world, providing a country-by-country risk assessment of the current crisis.

The Gunfight 10/09/2000 Peter Jennings exposes the inner working of the most powerful grassroots organization in America: The National Rifle Association. The program, which aired just a month before the 2000 elections, explores the NRA’s staggering influence on elections and public policy, and revealed the Association’s strategy for defeating Al Gore.

Family Business 09/15/2000 In this two-part film, Peter Jennings takes a comparative look at the lives and characters of the two principal candidates vying for the presidency in 2000. Al Gore and George W. Bush led lives that are eerily similar, and in other ways could not be more different. By talking to family and lifelong friends, and examining each candidate’s triumphs and failures, Jennings finds important contrasts in Governor Bush and Vice President Gore’s temperaments, philosophies and characters.

The Search for Jesus 06/26/2000 Peter Jennings goes in search of Jesus, retracing his steps and searching for clues about the life of the social and spiritual revolutionary who changed our world.

Dark Horizon: India, Pakistan and the Bomb 03/20/2000 At a time in which India and Pakistan are on the brink of their fourth full-scale war in the past 50 years, Peter Jennings travels to both countries and the war-torn, disputed territory of Kashmir to report on how close the adversaries have come to nuclear war.

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