Peter Jennings: Reporter

Peter Jennings: Reporter, is a two-hour special reflecting on the remarkable life and career of the World News Tonight anchor. The program features reports tracing Jennings’ journalistic career as he covered many of the pivotal events that have shaped our world – as an un-formed 26 year-old anchorman, when he returned to the field and developed into a respected foreign correspondent, and when he returned to the United States and took the helm of World News Tonight where he remained for over two decades.

The special also focuses on Jennings’ passion for journalism, his unique perspective on America and how his distinctive editorial vision and values shaped the award-winning World News Tonight broadcast, as well as his documentary series Peter Jennings Reporting

Peter Jennings: Reporter also provides perspective on Jennings’ personal side through interviews with friends, family, colleagues and competitors, including Charles Gibson, Ted Koppel, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters and Tom Brokaw.

Peter Jennings: Reporter first aired August 10, 2005 on ABC


“He never let me forget that this is a constant education. This is a constant learning process, that you never know as much as you think you know, and there’s always more to learn.” – Vinnie Malhotra, ABC News producer

“If there were 26 hours in the day, he would work 26 hours. Didn’t matter what time zone. Didn’t matter what country. Work himself to the ground, and we followed suit.” – Stu Schutzman, ABC News producer

“He’s gone, but we’ll hear him. We’ll feel him. We’ll understand the world a little better simply because there are a lot of other journalists out there who are trying to achieve what Peter was able to achieve.” – Roger Goodman, ABC director

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